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About Our Legacy Shared

A project to compile, preserve and share the combined legacy of our ancestors and families, through their photographs, spoken words, written words, recorded words, stories and video.

To put it simply it’s not just about the Jones and Smiths it’s about cousin Mary Brown and the Browns and Sister Sue’s husband Hezekiah Gray and who preceded him.

It’s not just about a single lineage.  It’s about everyone who is a relative and their relatives.

It expands the story of not only those who influenced our lives but those who influenced the lives of those who influenced and us.  

It’s not Facebook or Twitter or Flicker.   It’s about preserving those fading bits of your ancestors history that will be lost forever in this fast paced world where the art of writing with pen and taking up a camera with film are unknown to many…  


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How do I search this site?

Learn how to effectively search this site

You can easily search this site by entering search terms in the form at the top of the menu bar or form below.

To make your searches more relevant you may use multiple terms but they must all be present in the finds to show up.  For example search for “milestone” and all items with that term will be displayed.  If you search for “Panzini milestone” then only items listed that contain that surname and milestone will be displayed.  Try “Gutowski milestone” and only Gutowski milestones will be displayed.  To find item relative to a specific year search that year.  Of course it’s important for the person making the original contribution to enter the year as a tag, if not it will not show up in the search results.  Combinations work like “1945 milestone”

If ALL the entered search terms are not found then ANY of the entered terms are searched and the relevant items displayed.

It will search for text in the body of contributions, tags, categories, image captions, comments and more.

Found search terms area highlighted when the found item is displayed. 

You can also just click on any term in the Tag cloud in the Left Menu bar to bring up all contributions tagged with that term.

How can I contribute?

Just register as a new contributor from the menu bar on the left.  You have to provide some information and of course you should be a family member or close friend.  To insure security and quality of submissions there will be a manual approval process for any requests to be a contributor. 

Once you are approved click the “Submission Page” menu item on the left side.  You will be taken to the submission page where you can enter your images, stories, videos, documents etc.  They will appear on the front page as well as other groupings on this site based on the category and tags you provide.  Notifications of new contributions will automatically be sent to subscribers of this site as well as contributors.

What kind of information should I contribute?

Simply put we are NOT looking for Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagrams or hundreds of pics of the latest things your children did.  They are all nice but this is not the place for those memories.

We are looking to gather, share and preserve those few and treasured images and stories of our ancestors before they fade from memory or those that tell pass away.  Each of us has something to contribute, some story we heard, some favorite memory of growing up, some treasured impression that was made on us by our grandparents, parents and siblings.

Suggestions: Wedding pictures, family gatherings, holiday images, past homes, significant documents like immigrant ships manifests or Ellis Island documents or old census documents, tradition stories, war stories, significant accomplishments, published newspaper stories and more…

Each contribution will help others to recall and contribute.   Feel free to comment on contributions and add more information in the comments about a someones specific contribution.

How can I get a hard copy of the images and the stories?

For images just click on the image it will pop up as a larger image.  Right click on that image and pick “Save image”  it will download to you computer.  This can vary a bit by browser and type of computer but it works very nicely.

If you want to print a copy of the story and image just click on the “Print icon” in the lower right corner of the post.  It will bring up print dialog on your computer.  From there you can print the story and save.  It’s nice to compile a book for your children to read or a gift to a relative.

Are surnames important?

Oh my yes!  Don’t forget to tag your contribution with all surnames it pertains to.  For example Grandma might have two surnames associated with her.   You knew her as Smith but her maiden name was Jones.  Use or Enter the tags Jones and Smith for that contribution.

These tags will help narrow down the part of the family you may be most interested in helping you to see what you want to print.  Use that surname in a search of the site and see the contributions that show up.  

What are TAGS and why are they important?

Tags are very important in helping you and others search through the many entries here.  You create tags when you make a contribution.  There is a text entry area for TAG’s 

Consider these tags as very important:

Year (not “year” but the numerical year such as 1947), Surname (again not “surname but actual surnames like “Smith”), Relationship (not “relationship” but “mother” “father” etc),  “Milestone” (this time we mean the word “Milestone”) , “Birth”, “Death”, “Wedding”, Country (the country name like “Germany”, “Poland”), Full Name  (we mean full name like “Frank C Gutowski” or “John L Smith” etc.)

Tags will show up in the Tag Cloud in the left side bar.  Just click on one of those tags to see the contributions associated with that tag.

Quick help with making submissions

Help for this Contributions page! Click on arrow to right!

Title Please enter a short but descriptive title. The words in the title will aid in searches of the site. They will appear as the main description of the contribution in lists.

Content Here is where you can: Add Media (Pictures, PDF files, documents, video, audio etc), write your story, describe the content of a document, tell us about words your ancestors spoke, their history, family homes and more. If you hover over any of the icons in the menu of the visual editor a description will pop up.

Add Media Button this button will bring up a dialog where you can chose from media (Pictures and documents you may have on your computer) or media you may have already loaded into the media library. the Media or a link to the media will show up in the position where you clicked the cursor in the Content Box just before clicking on the Add Media Button. You may add more than one picture or media file. Please limit any file to less than 3MB. Once you have entered pictures into the content you can edit their size or move their position etc. The first image you add to the post will be what shows up as the image in the selection matrix on lists. Always try to add at least one image even if its just a small clip art that is related to the post.

Category You must chose one category that best describes the content you are providing. No people is not a choice. This whole site is about people.

Tags You must add at least one tag. You may add several and should. Just type descriptive words like “photo”, or the year separated by commas. For example [ photo, 1920, home, Pittsburgh] These are very important in helping you and others search through the many entries here. Consider these tags as very important:

Year (not “year” but the numerical year such as 1947), Surname (again not “surname but actual surnames like “Smith”), Relationship (not “relationship” but “mother” “father” etc), “Milestone” (this time we mean the word “Milestone”) , “Birth”, “Death”, “Wedding”, Country (the country name like “Germany”, “Poland”), Full Name (we mean full name like “Frank C Gutowski” or “John L Smith” etc.)

Tags will show up in the Tag Cloud in the left side bar. Just click on one of those tags to see the contributions associated with that tag.

SUBMIT and SAVE DRAFT buttons If you are happy with what you have done you may click the Submit button and the contribution will be published. Published contributions will be announced in an email to all subscribers of this site. If you want to save your work to edit later you may click the Save Draft button. Drafts and Submitted contributions made by you may be edited at any time or even deleted. To access a list of your contributions to edit, delete or view just click the Edit Your Contributions button at the top of this page. You can select lists of your Published, Pending, or Draft contributions.  Be sure to Save Draft prior to leaving the page or some of your work may be lost.

New Contribution Edit Your Contributions  Your Profile  Help-FAQ

How will I be notified of new contributions?

If you are an Author (registered contributor) or if you have signed up as a subscriber, you will be notified once a day at 5:00 or a bit after that of any new additions to the site.  You may also subscribe to a post so that if someone comments on the post you will be notified of an update to that post.  It could be some additional information about a homestead or the history behind the image even an added insight to a story told.

What’s a Milestone tag?

To keep this site more relevant for searches you should use the tag “milestone” when you make a contribution concerning a: BIRTH, DEATH, WEDDING, SIGNIFICANT DISCOVERY BY A FAMILY MEMBER and SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC RECOGNITION OR CONTRIBUTION OF A FAMILY MEMBER.

Things that ARE NOT MILESTONES are items like babies first steps, first day of school, Suzy graduates 8th grade, cute kittens etc.  They are nice but belong on Facebook not here.