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Picture of Great Grandmother, Mother of Bernice (Grandma) Gutowski

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 by in Photos-Documents-Letters

Note from Poland to Gutowski descendants in the US
Grandma Bernice Gutowski's (Bronislawa-Kalinowski) Brother (Aleksander-Kalinowski) from Poland Image and story

This amazing photo was provided by Natalia Olszewska, our cousin in Poland.  Many thanks to her.

Great-grandmother Katarzyna (Catherine) Klekotko mother of Bronislawa (Bernice) Kalinowski. Bronislawa is our Grandmother Gutowski. Catherine our Great Grandmother is seated in the center.



About... Frank Gutowski

Frank Chester Gutowski, born Oct 19, 1947, son of Chester Gutowski and Frances (Panzini) Gutowski, father of Christopher Gutowski and Robert Gutowski, grandfather to Christian, Alex, Xavier, Gavin, Merida Gutowski. Brother to Vincent Gutowski, Robert Gutowski and Bernice Gutowski.

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